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The New America

Ever seen your Neighbors Dog, And your mind starts wandering towards thoughts of Korean BBQ?

Heard people say that “If you were hungry enough, You would eat the Asshole out of a Dead Rhinoceros”. And think, where the hell around here can I go Rhino hunting?

Ever looked at online WWII-Depression era cookbooks, And realize even with those recipes, you don't have half the ingredients...

People are living one paycheck away from disaster. Seniors and the disabled cannot afford enough food for the month, While mothers are in a mad dash to find baby formula somewhere, Anywhere, In order to keep their babies from starving.

American babies are in danger, and at the same time, The government has stockpiles of baby formula to give out to illegal migrants crossing the border.

Welcome to The Worlds Newest 3rd world country

The United States.

Once a Global Powerhouse, The United States has been dragged down, And then beaten with experience, by older, well established  3rd world countries..

“Bidenomics”, And the war on Oil, Overspending driving up inflation, Build back better, and the “Green new Deal” agenda is destroying our country.

President Biden wanted us to believe that Blocking Nord stream 2 would help stop Russia's war efforts, While at the same time, killing the Keystone Pipeline would not hurt the U.S. in any way whatsoever.

Democrats have been blaming Russia (The Great Bogeyman, Followed by Trump) for anything, and Everything they thought they could get away with. The “Putin Price Hike” (Sorry Joe, You own this one) Trumps election, The Steele Dossier, Russian collusion, The Hunter Biden Laptop disinformation...Then everybody wonders why Putin has his “Panties in a wad”.

Americans are suffering, While Politicians' play power games with our lives.

As I write this, I myself, Along with my Grandson, Only have a few days worth of food left, and 2 weeks to go before Next months Social Security hits my Account

He has a low I.Q., and somebody will probably need to look over him the rest of his life.

He is mentally Disabled, and was eligible to receive disability as a minor. Now that he has reached “Adulthood” , He doesn't qualify, Even though the only thing to change is his age.

Even with special training, he will never be self sufficient.  We are on our final appeal, which can take a year… In the mean time, Illegal immigrants are being flown to destinations across the country, Living the “Life of Riley”, Never having paid into the system, Compliments of the government., While we will be trying to survive the next couple weeks without food.




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