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HostGator You guys suck. I will be moving my site to a different hosting service in a few months when my current contract expires.

Your shared plan is so restrictive that I cannot even run a simple script proven to work on other Hosts to download and un-compress a zip file to populate a database for public use.

your perl module installer doesn't want to install any other listed archive utility. either the C compiler wont run or some other error always stops it from completing, and support has been slow, and not worth crap. I am seriously considering moving my site to Bluehost ..while searching around, I have come across comments that over the past few years, Hostgator's service has been really going downhill. I am starting to believe them...you won't be hearing any more from me.I will not be submitting any useless tickets. I will just wait till my contract is up, then I'm gone

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